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Switching out ISP router with Unifi gear

My new house needed a good network infrastructure, so i went ahead and searched around for good infrastructure. I found the Unifi systems, and I have seen this AP’s in tons of restaurants and other companies are using it.

The good about Unifi is that every device is handeled from the Unifi control panel. And I wanted more then one WiFi app in my house.

I bought the following equipment:

  • Unifi cloudkey
  • Unifi 8p switch (60w)
  • 2 x Unifi AP AC Pro’s
  • Unifi USG

The cost of all this is obviously more then the best consumer router on the marked, though with the Unifi gear i get a faster and more robust and scalable system. I’m thinking also to expand the WiFi with outdoor Unifi AP’s if i want Wifi in the garden etc.

Switching out the altibox stock router

Boy, there were a lot of searching. Since I never had any experience with VLANs and advanced networks there was quite a bit of research before I actually managed to remove the standard ISP router with my new Unifi USG.

My ISP (Altibox) runs VLANs for each type of device.

  • 101 for IPTV
  • 102 for Internet

This means that you will actually need to connect the switch to the fibre modem and not the router! Because you need to manage these vlans and configure them on the switch. The USG got 1 LAN and 1 WAN port. That’s not enough, because you need to split the traffic to two ports.


Here is my current setup. Which actually works.

Mainswitch description
Port VLAN Description
1 101 TV switch
2 *Internal network Router LAN 1
3 102 Router WAN
4 *ISP ISP Input
5 *Internal network WiFi AP
6 145 Network switch
7 *Internal network WiFi AP
8 LAN Unifi Cloudkey
ISP Networks
Kontroll 100 LAN
TV 101 Private network 145
Internett 102 Guest network 146
Appartment network 147
Customized VLANS
Name VLANs
*Internal network 145,146,147
*ISP 100,101,102