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Fixing leaking Miele W5873WPS (waterproof error)

This is how I fixed my Miele W5873WPS  washing machine.

So my not that old Miele W5873WPS suddenly started leaking after I had it stored away in a garage (the garage had -15 degrees so I guess something broke there).

After around 10 minutes I got the error message: “Error: Waterproof”.


Miele W5873WPS

Opening the miele. First remove the top (only two screws located on the front). Then remove the screws on the left side cover. You dont need to actually remove the side-cover completely.


We turned on the Machine on a 20 min program to find the leak. ( CAUTION, CAREFUL DO NOT TOUCH IT WHEN POWER IS PLUGGED IN, THERE ARE TONS OF ELECTRICAL WIRES )


When the machine started pumping out water we saw the leakage. The water spilled out very fast from these cracks! On this image the box is taken out of the machine.


Found the leak, we managed to get this box out of the left side of the machine.

Removed the outlet

How it looks from behind when the box and water outlet is removed.


Miele W5873WPS from top

Top, we had to remove one suspension in order to remove the leaking box. The white thing is just something we put there so the drum could rest on it meanwhile the suspension was off.



We didn’t even need to remove the side panels just at one side was enough to get the box out.


Fixing the cracks with tons of epoxy.


And more epoxy.




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