Hello!Petter Kjelkenes

My name is Petter Kjelkenes, I live in a rainy city named “Bergen” located in Norway.

I’m a full stack developer. I started developing websites in 2004 . I started of with the LAMP stack. From just HTML to PHP and database design. Those where fun days, coming from nothing to just learning how to create real web sites.

Since 2004 I have got some official degrees like a Bachelor in Information Technology and a ICT certificate. Though I must say I am mostly a self learned programmer, but I learned a lot from some of the courses we had on the University such as Algorithms and .. Java.

Today I am working as  a Lead Developer for a company in Bergen. And I enjoy every second of  my job. Nowadays i’m working with technology such as Django and EmberJS on the frontend. I also work with highly scalable architecture using Amazon Cloud Services.

My Company

PKJ ENK is a one-man company located in Bergen, Norway. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions for end users.

PKJ ENK is a registered business in the Brønnøysund registers as org. number: 992946202

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