eZpublish 5 – Installation + cheatsheet

Installation is easy, but yet there are steps that needs to be done. Let’s install ezpublish 5.3 shall we?   Download Download eZpublish 5: http://share.ez.no/downloads/downloads Go to the URL of eZ […]

Raspberry Camera – useful links and info

So you got the raspberry camera module?   Links! http://www.linux-projects.org/modules/sections/index.php?op=viewarticle&artid=14 http://www.linux-projects.org/modules/sections/index.php?op=viewarticle&artid=16 http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=45368   Must haves: sudo apt-get install uv4l uv4l-raspicam sudo apt-get install uv4l-raspicam-extras sudo rpi-update    


Automating my new appartment, part 4

Sure, it ha been ages since my last post. I have yet to move to my new appartment because of delay in the building process. This post will just update […]

2013-10-21 20.36.47

Automating my new appartment, part 3

This is a follow up of part 2. I just got a new device from Smarthus in Bergen. Great news. I have connected the devices is ordered and managed to run […]

Wall plug, motion detector and a Razberry

Automating my new appartment, part 2

This is a follow up of part 1. Got some some new devices today. UNFORTUNATELY the Razberry has a production fault. So im waiting fo z-wave.me to fix this, as of […]


Automating my new appartment, part 1

I am currently planning (and programming) my new project. Home automation for my new apartment. The apartment is currently under construction and in a few weeks i will eventually get […]

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Nginx, Rtmp, Raspberry PI & Camera Module

Have you have wanted a camera streaming server and make use of the camera you bought for your Raspberry PI? The limitation of what you can do when you have […]

Responsive tables with jQuery

Responsive tables is great when it comes to user experience, and i feel it’s allmost needed for fully responsive designs. Today i released the first version of my jQuery plugin, […]


Apache – VirtualDocumentRoot

Granted you have installed many apache servers, you may see the pain in adding a configuration file for every site. Before I knew about VirtualDocum entRoot i used to create a […]